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CORALL Barbados

2018 Corall hosts the International Year of The Reef

Jan 31st

Corall hosted the International Year of The Reef. #IYOR2018BIM .¬†CORALL, Bellairs Research Institute and the Coastal Zone Management Unit hosted the launch of the 3rd International Year of the Reef in Barbados. We’re ready for an exciting year of activities and collaboration!¬†

Left to right on the panel we had Ms. Susan Mahon, Academic and Managing Director of Bellairs Research Institute, Ms. Tracy Phillips, Technical Coordinator for the Coral Reef Preservation Project at Bellairs, Dr. Leo Brewster, Director of the Coastal Zone Management Unit and Dr. Amy Apprill, Associate Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

CORALL Executive

Susan Mahon

Vice President:
Trevon Callender

Executive Treasurer:
Deborah Roach

Executive Secretary:
Leila Rocha Fisher


CORALL Project Management Committee

Corall Building Coordinators:
Michael Loustric

Corall Communications Coordinator:
Carla Gaskin

Corall Membership and Events Coordinator:
Deborah Roach