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CORALL Barbados


Here are a few photos taken during various monitoring dives over the last year or so. 

Several volunteer members took part in this process. Some snorkelled above observing and others (the scuba divers) helped with the measuring, cleaning and photography.

One of our CORALL Monitoring Supervisors was present on each dive, either Zoe Lisk, Michel Loustric or Lucy Agace. 

We are always grateful to our local dive shops for their continued support.

Barbados Scuba Diving

Hightide Water Sports

Reefers & Wreckers

The Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL) has a Reef Restoration Program. Our goal is to have healthy, growing coral fragments that will be used to help restore our reefs here in Barbados. The fragments we use will be monitored until they reach transplantation size where we will then move them to nearby reefs. Monitoring will be carried out by an experienced CORALL Coordinator and trained volunteers, on a monthly basis. 

If you would like to join our volunteering program you need to be a competent snorkeller and/or scuba diver and a member of CORALL. Only scuba divers are able to carry out monitoring duties. We are always happy to train up new volunteers to help us so please get in touch with us.