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Coral Reef Restoration Mentored Course
May 4 – June 8, 2022

Coral reef managers are increasingly turning to restoration as a strategy to combat reef
degradation and promote reef recovery. Different techniques are being pioneered across
the globe, with new resources, science, and best practices being developed rapidly in this
fast-moving field.

The Reef Resilience Network, in partnership with the Coral Restoration Consortium, is
pleased to announce a new Coral Reef Restoration Mentored Course featuring seven
newly updated online lessons, and live webinars and discussion forums with global
experts. This course is designed to provide coral reef managers and practitioners with best
practice guidance for common coral reef restoration techniques. The course will include
lessons in English and Spanish as well as live language interpretation during webinars in
multiple languages.

The course features seven lessons

  • Introduction to Coral Reef Restoration & Project Planning
  • Coral Propagation and Field-based Coral Nurseries
  • Coral Propagation and Field-based Coral Nurseries
  • Land-based Coral Nurseries
  • Larval-based Coral Propagation
  • Restoring Physical Reef Structure
  • Rapid Response and Emergency Coral Reef Restoration
  • Monitoring for Coral Reef Restoration

Important Dates:
March 29 – April 29: Course registration is open. Registration closes April 29.
May 4: Webinar 1: Course begins with Orientation Webinar.
May 9 – May 20: Complete Lessons 1-4 and participate in discussion with course
mentors and other participants.
May 25: Webinar 2: Coral Propagation Techniques Webinar with experts.
May 23 – June 3: Complete lessons 5-7 and participate in discussion on the
Network Forum.
June 8: Webinar 3: Physical Reef Restoration & Course Closing Webinar with

To Enroll:

  1. Register for an account at See the video below
    for instructions.
  2. Once you have created an account, either click on the Enroll button below
    to access the course room and enroll, or search for “Coral Reef Restoration
    Mentored Course” in