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CORALL Barbados

October 18 2019

For the past few months CORALL has been monitoring some small, pilot coral nursery sites.

This Thursday, October 18th we invite you to join us to visit these sites.

Space is limited and is available on the boat on a first come, first served basis. Please RSVP to both and as soon as possible to register your interest in joining.

Volunteers will be able to join by snorkeling and will need to supply their own snorkeling equipment. Participation is free for CORALL members.

CORALL Executive

Susan Mahon

Vice President:
Trevon Callender

Executive Treasurer:
Deborah Roach

Executive Secretary:
Leila Rocha Fisher


CORALL Project Management Committee

Corall Building Coordinators:
Michael Loustric

Corall Communications Coordinator:
Carla Gaskin

Corall Membership and Events Coordinator:
Deborah Roach